Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Does endorsement work for brands? Depends..

Ever wondered if brand endorsements work for the brands or designers being promoted? A yes and no answer doesn't feel right but the truth is that, if you happen to get people like the First Lady of the US, Michelle Obama  to wear your clothes, then your sales soar.

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But a stunner like Carla Bruni Sarkozy, who only wears Dior, does not have the same impact. She doesn't wear too many other designers, and not everyone can afford Dior. Michelle Obama, on the other hand, wears clothes from department stores too, which can be bought by anyone. Sort of what Kate Middleton does. And both look good doing it!

I, anyway, believe that dressing well is about having personal style and being able to carry off clothes well. This means having a fit, toned body and poise. It's never really about the brand.

Graphic source: Harvard Business Review

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