Sunday, August 21, 2011

Three Shopping sites graded for customer delight

Over the last two months, I have used three shopping sites, which I had heard a lot about. One of them has even started advertising on TV - The other two I used were Inkfruit and Flipkart.

I bought two T-shirts and two laptop skins from Inkfruit. The quality of everything was good and and the goods were delivered on time. I even liked the arty price tag that came with the Tees, and I'm now using it as a bookmark. So, that is like getting a dual bang for your buck isn't it?

Similarly with Flipkart, which procured books for me that even offline bookstores like Crossword and Landmark don't have, and find it difficult to get for me because their distributors don't stock it. Flipkart's discounts are also a good incentive to use their site, and the fact that they do have a cash on delivery payment mode.

Myntra was a disappointment. The site looks great and it's nice to use as well. But I did not get what I had ordered (a handbag). They did not have it in stock, so they realise it after the customer has placed an order for it. What was even more ironic was that, they had sent out e-mailers to me, advertising this range from Murcia! So after sending out a fancy, enticing e-mailer inviting people to come take a look and buy from them, not knowing if they have all of the range displayed, was really strange.

They apologised for this and then sent me a Rs 500 voucher with a T&C attached to it. I would get Rs 250 off for every Rs 1,000 spent. So I had to shop for Rs 2,000 to use all of it, and pay Rs 1,500 overall. Though, they have a great range of sports shoes, I didn't want to buy a pair.

But I noticed something else: Myntra had Inkfruit T-shirts displayed on their site. I liked one and then went to Inkfruit and checked it out there. Myntra had priced it at Rs 499 and Inkfruit at Rs 399!

My tip: Go to the source website when possible. We shouldn't have to pay a hidden tax at one site, which is simply taking its merchandise from another one anyway.