Saturday, May 7, 2011

A wireless headphone that makes me sing!

Since this blog advocates smart shopping - and doles out tips and tricks fairly liberally - I thought I should share information about this great deal that came my way. I've signed up with mGinger - the SMS marketing service - for quite some time now and they usually have offers up on their website, that can be used if you want to redeem any points you have accumulated.

Recently though, they have taken to sending me e-mailers with deals in them. Like the recent one that I took advantage of - a Mitashi wireless headphone and transmitter for Rs 549 only. I checked out this offer on other sites and everywhere else it was priced much higher.

Even Mitashi's own site was selling it for Rs 699 (marked down from Rs 799), and the lowest price offered was Rs 595 on another site that I scanned while surfing. In comparison, the Sony and Philips ones were over Rs 1,000. When I finally bought it - the price on the box was Rs 775. What's more, the online reviews praised the acoustics and so far, I agree with them. I get all the FM stations, and the clarity is great once the signals catch, which they do easily. I've worn this headphone around the house, and even when I'm nowhere near the transmitter, the sound quality remains good.

The quality of the product is great as well - especially the two-tone effect of black and a deep burgundy finish to it. So, if you still think that cheap equals bad quality, then you may have to reconsider that attitude. This headphone makes me sing aloud - and for all the right reasons!

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