Friday, April 22, 2011

Guess which is the best smartphone to buy?

Ever wanted to know which are the smartphones, that are worth the money you put down for them? Well, a number of sites do a good job of tabulating such lists (and I have included one at the bottom of this post).

BlackBerry devices always top any such list but when it comes to using applications on its open source WebWorks-Java based platform, everything that is vital to business purposes needs to be downloaded from their app store and paid for. The free apps available are: Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger, the Bible and a game called Ka Glom. A whole bunch of similar games are paid applications. There is a catalogue that lets you browse through their app store.

But most of these snazzy apps are mostly available in the North American market, while Indians can only enjoy the Messenger service and 'liking' things and posting it on their Facebook profile. You can enjoy a 'Miss Malini' fashion cum Bollywood gossip blog and there is even a racing group that keeps you updated about races called 'Souls of Speed'. Also there are case studies of people using the BBM service to run their business. Some phones have built-in GPS - but this feature may not work very well in India, where old fashioned maps still serve a means to an end. Or anyone with a GPRS connection (even on an un-smartphone) can download the Google Maps app.

What about being able to use the Microsoft Office 7 suite, to look at documents and Excel spreadsheets for getting some work done? Well, for that, try the Micromax A60. It looks like a BlackBerry but works on a pre-installed Android platform and you can work on Word and Excel files on the phone. Since, someone I know has bought this phone at Rs 7,000, it is really the most value-for-money deal.

Micromax A60 Android Mobile Phone offers you the following features:

•Android 2.1 Eclair
•Full Touch Screen
•3.2 MP Camera
•Voice Assisted GPS Navigation
•Android Market
•Accelerator Sensor
•HSDPA 7.2Mbps
•HSUPA 5.6Mbps

You can actually mix business and pleasure with this one! I would suggest skipping the BlackBerry.

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  1. Hello Manali,

    I just bought a LG P500 for my wife and it too is an amazing smartphone. It stands on par with the Samsung Wave2 with only the Processor being a little slower, which is very comfortable for a person who is not a heavy user.
    The benefit it has that it supports almost everything that you can download (most of the downloads, games, kid stuuf...etc., is totally free).
    All this for just 10,500/- its just amazing.

    Huzefa Tapia