Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Paradox of Choice

'The Paradox of Choice' is a very good book to read on the subject of products and the many choices that confronts consumers today.

The author of the book, Barry Schwartz gave an entertaining and enlightening talk on the reasons why all that glut of products in malls is making us less satisfied instead of more happy, than ever before.

Watch the TED talk and learn why all that wonderful array of merchandise is actually not only making us spend more but not giving us as much happiness, as they should.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Etsy showcases sassy handmade stuff

The hottest new website in the US is Its appeal lies in its whimsical and eclectic collection of items, that people are hand crafting and selling.

Even the browsing experience is unique. It shows you a collection of things and you've got to choose the things that you like. It then collates your choices and after you have finished with your browsing - a tab at the top of the page tells you when you are 100% done - then the next page shows you an entire selection of products, like the ones you chose and liked.

For eg. If out of six things like - 1. An embroidered napkin. 2. A Lladro showpiece. 3. A Teddy Bear. 4. A jigsaw puzzle. 5. A flowery handbag. 6. Silver candlesticks. If you liked the embroidered napkin the most, then at the end when the page with your selections shows up, it will show you more stuff with embroidery on it - like a dress or a cushion cover.

This site also has a lot of people from India involved as well - they have a blog, Facebook and Flickr presence online. So take a look.