Monday, October 18, 2010

Gorgeous old furniture auctioned from Indian home

Do you want to know if there is any value in old stuff or is that just a myth?

Well, some gorgeous antique furniture belonging to Sir RD Sethna was auctioned off in Bremen, Germany in July 2010.

Everyone can't attend auctions of Indian items in European countries but such deals could be waiting for you in your locality, in the homes of elderly neighbours or relatives or your grandparents.

Left and below: Sir RD Sethna's furniture that was auctioned off in Bremen, Germany in July 2010 by the auction house Bolland & Marotz
- People sell furnished homes and move around a lot more these days, and if you don't want something that reflects someone else's taste, then sell it online.

- The death of a loved one necessitates getting rid of things which you may not have space for - so use them to get a garage sale going in your neighbourhood.

Pics source: Bolland & Marotz Auktionshaus Bremen