Friday, September 24, 2010

Restyling old furniture - Indian or French style!

There are a lot of home furnishing, interior decor and furniture brands sprouting up every day and it can become quite a chore to choose from amongst them all, especially when you secretly prefer your comfortable old-world furniture from your parents or grandparents home.

It's partly because if it is hand-carved wooden furniture, that kind of craftsmanship is hard to find within a reasonable budget. You have to only check out some of these new stores to see the price tags on some of the items, and you know how much you are getting fleeced.

So do the next best thing - in my view this should be option one - offer to buy hand-me-downs in good condition from friends and family, if that is exactly what you are looking for. Even with a little wear and tear, there is still many years of life in these used items of furniture.

See how this old bench was given a vibrant new look with designs stencilled into the wood and then painted over in blue, green, white and red.

Picture source - India Today Home

There is a French art form called decoupage, which means 'cutting out and decorating with paper', and this was something that could be done as a art-craft project at home, to restore old wooden furniture and give it a fresh new look. I've done a tray using this art form. And I know someone whose done over an entire wardrobe in this way. It goes without saying that it looks unique and mind-blowing.