Sunday, August 15, 2010

At least One Indian Supermart Encourages Recycling

At least one Indian supermarket is thinking of all those juice cartons people buy from them, and what they could do with it, to keep our environment a little more clean and green.

In Mumbai, Sahakari Bhandar has an 'How to dispose Tetra Paks' initiative that encourages consumers to bring back their empty juice cartons and they are offering recycled gifts on the spot.

For 5 cartons returned, you get a recycled pen.
For 7 cartons returned, you get recycled tissues.
For 12 cartons returned, you get a recycled notebook.
Before chucking a carton into a bin - cut it open and wash it.

A pamplet on recycling also educates consumers on diposing off these cartons in their dry trash bins and not a wet garbage bin because then ragpickers get a better price for it.

Want to know what can be made out of your juice carton? Check out this cool bookmark. It feels like it is made out of expensive hand-made paper instead of a used tetra pack.

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