Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art and Decor Exhibition at Taj Mahal Hotel

There is an exhibition of furniture, Art, mirrors, crockery, lamps, accessories, soft furnishings, tableware and lots of other items, which have been inspired by European design - notably French and English - aesthetics.

Doing up a home tastefully takes effort and attention to detail. So even if none of the things at this display is within your budget, taking a look around and educating your eye is a good idea.

In fact, judging from the pictures on the invite, a lot of the furniture looks like what we would find in our grandparents home.

So, what you could do is - realise what value it has and start looking after it. Or try and snap it up at a seconds/garage sale, if you happen to come across one. Better still - get your own sale going with friends and family pitching in.

Anyway, this exhibition is on at the Taj Mahal Palace and Towers in Mumbai, in the Gateway Room from September 3-6, 2010. Splurging is at your discretion and provided it ultimately suits the decor of your home.

For more enquiries, call - 9821055574

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