Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Smart Tip for Globetrotters

Travelling is a fun way to get to know geography, history, civics – subjects that are not all that popular (when in school) with most people – but also one can study art, architecture, dance and music – all the cooler stuff as well.

Everyone knows that booking well in advance for a trip results in one getting cheaper fares. But most people discount this fact when they sign up for travel packages with big tour and travel agencies like Kesari, Raj Travels, SOTC, Kuoni, Cox & Kings and Thomas Cook.

The reason being that, they are most likely to be too excited thinking about their holiday and all the shopping they are going to be doing there and besides once the trip has been paid for, the airfare bookings are left to these agencies to take care of.

Here is a smart spending tip: Make your own airline bookings, even when you travel with a tour group. Now, I believe, travel operators also prefer it if you did it yourself. A source at Kesari told me that, “We tell customers to make their own airline bookings through the travel portals.”

Ironically, the offline agencies and their online rivals may have made this pact as a truce of some kind, so that all people don’t just simply migrate to portals and stop using travel operators. Therefore, travel agencies channel some business their way but obviously, not all of it. They keep hotel bookings to themselves, which is where the meat really is.

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