Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Creativity Unleashed!

As a child, have you ever used walls to give a free rein to your imagination? Then why not do the equivalent as adults? I mean why not use everyday items in more innovative ways. Try shopping for one thing…but using it as another! Here is my quirky, fun and at the same time practical list.
1. I did this when I was in college. I wrapped my text books with those gorgeous wall calendar sheets. I know most people may not be using such wall calendars anymore but if you are, then don’t waste those fantastic photographs printed on good paper and just throw it away.
2. Remember the funnies section of the Sunday newspaper supplement? It used to be printed on this glossy-finish paper (the Times of India one) and it was an entire page of ‘Hagar the Horrible’ and ‘Beetle Bailey’ etc. They used to make for great gift wrapping paper. You could try this with the Hindustan Times’ cartoon supplement because though it’s a matt-finish paper, the quality of the printing is good and not as bad as the Asian Age!
3. Use leftover scraps of good gift wrapping paper to make envelopes for gifting cash or gift vouchers at weddings. It adds that personal touch. For this, I always use the classy, thick sheets you get at Hallmark Galleries (mostly) with lovely prints of flowers on them. This paper is just right to do this kind of craft project. Those common glittery ones look tacky and obviously, you won’t be able to make them into envelopes without them ripping up.
4. You can use hair bands as bracelets if they are pretty enough and also do the opposite - use bracelets as hair bands. For eg: I bought a pretty coloured pebbles bracelet from Goa and I frequently tied my hair with it and got compliments for it!
5. A salon owner who worked at Franck Provost told me that the Kaya protein gel, which is a hair root strengthening gel can be easily used as a styling gel as well. Since it looks and smells good, you should take his advice.

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